Meet Team Play4Jake

When Nyky put out a cry for help, the troops began to rally.

Our vision and purpose is to look after our own - Jake Spurdle, a 15-year-old teen, battling cancer...and we are here to help.

Along with Souths Cares, South Sydney Rabbitohs, their Legends and EnGeneIC, we are here to bring a weekend like never before...where legends and locals meet.

Together with his mum Nyky, Team Play4Jake is on a mission to raise funds to support this single mum and her only child in this unchartered territory of cancer treatment.

Sadly, Jake passed away in the early hours on 23rd April 2021, Team Play4Jake promised Jake we would continue to support his parents - Nyky and Ted

You will see all the details on the Team Play4Jake's page on Facebook.